Areas of study at camp:



Pond & Stream Study (Water Quality)

Night Hikes (Stars Study and Owl Calling)

Ornithology & Bird Watching


Compass Reading (Orienteering)



Social Studies

Native American Living History

Underground Railroad: Campers will experience the way escaped slaves traveled to freedom through a simulated Underground Railroad trail around camp.


Spiritual Development                                 

Quiet Times & Group Discussions

Large Group Bible Teachings


This exciting adventure in learning will take place at Camp Ohio in St. Louisville, Ohio.  We will be staying in cabins and eating meals provided by Camp Ohio.  The cost for students is $90.  Look for more details about the trip coming in April.



Click here for Camp Forms

 5th Grade Outdoor Education Camp 

Each year, in May, the Fifth Graders participate in a three day outdoor education camp.  This trip promotes independence. Students have the unique opportunity to be away from home with teachers, staff, and parents they know and trust.  The trip also fosters unity in the classes as each person learns to serve with and depend on others.


Camp is a hands-on review of science and social studies objectives from first through fifth grades. 



4-H Camp Ohio (Link)
11461 Camp Ohio Road
Saint Louisville, Ohio 43071
Office:  740.745.2194
Fax:  740.745.3327

Attended Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8:30 am-12:30 pm

Email Mr. Yund


Calumet Christian School


2774 Calumet St.

Columbus, OH 43202

Tel: (614) 261-8136

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