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  • How much homework should my student have each night?
    It depends. On any given day or week the amount of homework assigned by Mr. Yund will vary. Most of the time, the students are given an opporunity to complete at least some of an assignment in class. The amount of work your student brings home will usually depend on how much work they complete during this time. However, at mininum, I ask that students spend 15-20 minutes per night reading independently. This IS homework.
  • How often should my student be reading at home?
    We read EVERY DAY anywhere from 15-30 minutes IN CLASS. In additon to this, I ask that the students spend a minimum of 15-20 minutes reading indpendently AT HOME.
  • How do I monitor my student's progress towards their A.R. Goal.
    Students can log into Renaissance Place from any computer with internet access. And while they can only take quizzes at school, they can monitor their progress towards their goals, see previous quiz results. To do this, students should log in to and click on "progress" in the upper right corner of the page. If your student struggles to complete their reading goals, I'd encourage using a reading log to monitor their progres daily.
  • When are monthly reading projects due?
    The monthly reading project is ALWAYS due on the last school day of any given month. There may be rare occurences when I give the students an extension because of the layout of the calendar.
  • What are "Tunds Funds"?"
    "Tund Funds" are our class currency. Students earn them by performing their jobs each week. They have the opportunity to spend them each week at "school store".
  • What can my student bring for "School Store"?"
    Almost anything. The only exception to this rule is candy. Students are NOT permitted to bring in store bought candy.
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