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 The Ohio Project 



Your task is to research ONE topic about Ohio (for example--Ohio's Earliest Peoples, Ohio's Economy, etc).

After researching your topic you will create a TRIFOLD POSTER BOARD to display the information. 



1.  Choose one topic pertaining to Ohio (see below).  You may use your textbook for ideas.


  • Ohio's Geography, 

  • Ohio's Regions 

  • Ohio's State or National Forests 

  • The American Revolution in Ohio,

  • Battles (Wars) Fought in Ohio,

  • Presidents of Ohio

  • Sports in Ohio

  • Ohio Agriculture

  • Native Americans in Ohio, etc.

  • Ohio's First Settlers

  • Ohio's Rivers, Lakes, and Streams

  • Wildlife in Ohio

  • Manufacturing in Ohio


You may choose a topic of your own with teacher approval. 

2.  Begin your research. Look for interesting facts, pictures, and quotes to display on your poster board. 


3.  After completing your research you will construct a poster-board that adequately covers your topic.

Poster-board should:

  • Include colorful text and photos

  • Be attractive, well designed, and easy to read

  • NOT include handwritten text, headings, or captions

  • Include accurate facts and details

  • Correct grammar and punctuation


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