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 "The Americas" Project 



Your task is to research ONE country from "The Americas" (North America and South America).


You will explore different aspects of your country such as its  HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, GOVERNMENTCULTURE, ECONOMY, CLIMATE, and any other



After researching your country you will create a TRIFOLD POSTER BOARD to display the information in your report.  The poster-board will be displayed during our "Night at the Museum of the Americas" in the Spring.



1.  Choose one country in "The Americas" (North and South America)

2.  Begin your research.

3.  Create a Tri-fold poster board.


Your Poster-board should include:

  • A picture of your country's flag.

  • A picture of one major land-form in your country.

  • Other of your choice, that is related to your country.

  • Include a map of your country that shows its position on the continent

  • Find information on HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, GOVERNMENTCULTURE, ECONOMY, CLIMATE, and any other  INTERESTING FACTS for your poster board.

Other Important Guidelines:

  • Use colorful text and photos, borders, backgrounds

  • It should be visually attractive, well designed, and easy to read

  • It should NOT include handwritten text, headings, or captions

  • It should include accurate facts and details

  • It should include correct grammar and punctuation

  • It should not include large paragraphs



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